Established in 2005, Dharam Power Transmission Equipments Pvt. Ltd, under the brand name of OMEX GEARS. Before coming in to manufacturing of Gears, The founders of this company were having a huge 40 years of versatile experience in Retrofitting, Re Hauling, and the trading of used and new gears and gearboxes.

Now during the span of 10 years in manufacturing, OMEX has developed diversified range of gears and gearboxes, from reverse engineering to developing of gearboxes our engineers and designers can develop almost any kind of gears and gearboxes, we expertise in the manufacturing of custom built gearboxes of Steel Plants, Rolling Mills, Cement Plants, Vertical Rotary Kiln, Plastic Industries and much more….


– Helical and Bevel Helical Gear boxes
– Worm Gear boxes
– Couplings
– High Speed Gear boxes
– Geared Motors
– Custom built Gear boxes
– Vertical Roller Mill Drive (VRM)
– Planetary Gear boxes

OMEX has expertise in providing customised gear boxes for Steel Mills, High Speed Turbines, Sugar Mills, Plastic Extrusions, Cement Plants and much more


The efforts of all at OMEX GEARS are directed towards:

  • Designing, Developing and Manufacturing Standard and Customized Products meeting safety, statutory and regulatory requirements taking to International Quality Levels at Competitive Prices with Timely Deliveries by increased Efficiency and Infusion of Quality Consciousness at all rank and file.
  • Delighting the Customers and the Employees by continuously meeting and Improving upon agreed Requirements.
  • Acting upon Customer Problems with Speed, Courtesy and Competence.

Ultimately ensuring total customer satisfaction


Vision – To be world known icon in manufacturing any kind of standard or custom built gears and gearboxes

Mission – To be updated in this industry and should use only best metallurgy and top notch machines to manufactures zero error product, we duly motivate our team to do their jobs “extra-ordinarily well” with “optimum creativity and productivity”.

Ethos – OMEX GEARS is firmly committed to achieve customer delight by:

  • We can’t commit to give cheap prices, but we can ensure our products with 0 failure
  • Ensure prompt delivery, and giving the same product what buyer asked for.
  • Follow fair minded business practices for the good of all partners, buyers and vendors