Re-hauling are often necessary for gearboxes experiencing repeat failure as a result of an original design flaw or a change in duty cycle or working environment.

our team can provide gearbox up-gradation & re-hauling  which optimise design and architecture to increase service factors and maximise availability. Our proven history enables us to establish the root cause of gearbox failure and provide upgrades which deliver significant performance improvements.

Gearbox upgrades aren’t just for failed units, we can upgrade older gearboxes to modern operating standards, or re-engineer a current installation to suit more intense operating requirements. We can deliver industrial gearbox upgrades for any brand or model in any industry and our global manufacturing capability enables us to design and manufacture new, upgraded components to ISO 9001:2008.

  • – Gearbox upgrades for any industrial gearbox
  • – Establish root cause of failure and engineer performance improvements
  • – Reworking older gearbox models to current and future standards
  • – Improving industrial gearboxes to ensure they perform to new operating needs
  • – Reconfiguration of your gearbox to engineer out any original design flaws
  • – Gearbox upgrades to suit a change in your process, duty cycle or working environment