Helical Gear Boxes

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Helical Gear Boxes

Omex helical gearbox or helical gear reducer consists of one or more pairs of helical gear to meet customers requirements on rotation speed rpm and output torque. As a renowned helical gear box manufacturer, Omex only provides superior quality helical reduction gearbox, by optimizing property of helical gear meshing and cooling device for long term running. All helical gearboxes gears are ground with Hofler grinding machines to hit precision grade 6 and are strictly heat treated to meet hardness level. Omex strictly undergoes quality control system from raw material adoption,
consumable spare parts section, assembly, test run, painting, packing till shipping, etc. Omex gearbox adopts raw steel material manufactured by world top steel makers and top brands bearings and oil seals.
Omex helical gearbox and reducer is widely applied in various industries, such as cement, crane, metallurgy, sugar, marine, mining, paper and pulp, power, chemicals, etc. Besides standard design, Omex also offers customized helical gear box for customs special needs.

High precision grade with Hofler grinding machine

Better meshing of gears, Top brands bearings and oil seal

Long work life,Low noise,No oil leakage

Compact design, strong and solid,Better cooling property

Customized design available.

Powerful gearbox with unique concept designed for heavy-duty conditions.

The world-class pseudo-ecological appearance design adds color to your brand image.

Compact folding line arrangement structure, with 10% higher torque transmission capacity and load shock resistance.

The FEA design of the housing improves the stability of operation by 30%. The large-modulus gear design and enhanced bearing arrangement ensure higher reliability and longer service life. Up to 90% modular design, production and logistics cycles.

Higher power density can save you installation space and the overall structure is more compact High reliability and long design life can effectively reduce your use cost and maintenance cost.

The vertical and horizontal design and various assemblies can meet more than 100 cases.

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