Extruder Gear Boxes

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Extruder Gear Boxes

Single Screw Extruder gear units of OMEX make are quite capable to transmit the high torque required for pressurising and plasticising moulding materials and also to absorb the high axial thrust load through built-in spherical roller thrust bearing. The axial bearing housing is standardised to accommodate suitable thrust bearings and corresponding output shafts with key are splined. The parallel shaft double reduction models ex- horizontal and vertical serve the characteristic requirements of the Extruder Gearbox.To incorporate the thrust screw , different thrust bearings with different bores are mounted on the output shafts (hollow) .The modular design permits the interchangeability of the parts.
OMEX worked together with leading system builders to develop compact gear units capable of transferring high torques via shafts that have relatively small cross sections. They can also withstand incredibly high axial forces thanks to an optimum arrangement of the tandem bearings. OMEX`s portfolio also contains in-house solutions for single-shaft extruders and kneading machines.


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